Show your customers you care by using Spice to connect with them in live video calls. They'll love you for it.

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List any of your products or services, quickly and easily. Include a full-screen image and a 15-second video clip. Then connect with your customers in live video calls while viewing each product. Interact with the shopping cart during the same call!

Live Ads

Advertise your business and engage your customers directly from your copy with 2-way video calls. Perfect for any business that values customer interaction. Take buyers on tours of homes, showcase jewelry using live models, walk art lovers through your gallery -- the possibilities are endless.

2Way Video Calls

Every Spice Merchant listing includes a video call button. Your customers can place a call about any Live Ad or Product with a single tap from a mobile device. No complicated video setup or calendaring needed!

Shopping Cart

Spice is fully integrated with Stripe. Use your existing Stripe account, or create a new one directly from the Spice app.

Show You Care

Spice gives businesses that care a new way to connect to the customers they care about

Shop with Friends

Enhanced Shopper plans let friends share 2-way video calls about any product or live ad in Spice. A great way to find gifts for the family!

Spice In Action!

Watch this brief video to see how to make a Spice call, share products during the call, and then place an order from the same cart used in the call.